My-Alpha-Track-FBTrack Your Thoughts—Transform Your life!

MyAlphaTrack is a patented groundbreaking system that acts as a gentle, personal trainer to help you learn to use the power of awareness and the law of attraction to create the life you want and deserve. While many people know about the ancient wisdom and secret powers of affirmations and awareness, most of us have difficulty controlling our wandering minds. Instead of focusing on what we want to create, our thoughts can turn to fear and negativity, working in the opposite of our intentions.

Affirmations and intentions do work. But to use this secret successfully, you must remember to use them—and to be aware of your thoughts. This is where MyAlphaTrack is unique from any other product, book, guide or seminar. It is a transformative tool that will empower you to create the life you want.  View a slide show about the product.

Based on cognitive research and years in development, the MyAlphaTrack system was designed by educators to help you develop the essential habit of being aware of your thoughts. Using a light feature that flashes at a rate shown to awaken alpha waves in the brain, the system randomly signals you to be aware of what you’re thinking. The patent includes provision for an audio signal and/or a vibration in addition to the light feature. This randomness, a key feature of the product, also reinforces your new habit of thinking positively. Since you never know when the prompts will occur, you quickly become more cognizant of what you’re thinking at all times. Your new awareness enables you to harness the power of this powerful, yet ancient wisdom.

The Law of AttractionAwareness—Your Way

The patent for this product allows the technology to be placed in a bracelet, a watch, a desk ornament, or a wall sculpture. It is ideal for inclusion in a product designed for physical training as it adds the mental/psychological element.

The Patent

62 months in process, the patent on this product was granted in January 2013.


Licensing Opportunities

The developers of this product are seeking licensing arrangements with forward-thinking companies who understand the scope of the market for consciousness products and are actively targeting those populations.  Contact us.